2023 ABC Great Halloween Fright Fight contender

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We are an immersive, haunted adventure blurring the line between reality and imagination.

Welcome to our Denver-based home haunt! Nestled in the heart of Colorado, we create an incredibly immersive experience within the confines of our cozy two-car garage. Despite our humble space, we draw in thousands of people of all ages each year who seek spine-chilling thrills.

Exciting news awaits you in the upcoming year! We have plans to expand our haunt, bringing you even more terrifying surprises. To stay in the loop, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter. And if you're looking to show off your haunt enthusiasm, don't forget to grab some limited-edition merchandise before it disappears into thin air.

Keep an eye out for the announcement of our 2023-2024 season, coming soon. We can't wait to share the hair-raising adventures that await you. Stay tuned for updates!


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